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Oh hey there, what perefct timing for a visit! The cookies just came out of the oven and I've put on a pot of coffee, so grab a seat and I'll tell you how Priscila's Kitchen came to be...


My kitchen story started as a freckle faced little girl, spending time with my grandmas in their kitchens. They were both excellent, but very different home chefs. On my mum's side, it was about family dinners, soul food and traditions. I watched my grand-maman Marie master traditional Quebecois recipes and she taught me all the cooking basics!


On my dad's side, my amma (which is icelandic for grandma btw) Anna was all about holistic remedies, learning about the medicinal properties of raw ingredients and she taught me to never waste. Every ingredient could be repurposed, reused and transformed to be given new life. 


Although very different, these incredible women taught me to cook from the heart... to trust my instincts... and to create with passion & curiosity! 


For years this passion was solely reserved for my family and friends, until some of them started asking me for help in the kichen. So i began teaching & coaching by inviting them over to learn how to cook. With every year and more people asking to be taught, i realized the ability to cook intuitively is lacking in our culture now. As a mom, I  decided i would pass on this knowledge, passion and confidence to my kiddo... because developing his ability to cook intuitively is one of the most valuable gifts I can pass on to him. And while as a parent that's my job... after some soul searching and an AHA moment, in late 2017 I decided to put my years of acquired kitchen knowledge to good use and become a food coach. My mission is to help people connect with ingredients, learn to cook real food and adopt a more mindful lifestyle. Priscila's Kitchen is a platform to share food knowledge, kitchen hacks, and especially a place of encouragement and support!


My belief is if you COOK HAPPY you'll EAT HAPPY and LIVE HAPPY too!

Are you cooking happy?

passion and  confidence!

Cook with instuition,

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Priscila Stuart

Food coach • Culinary Creative

Montreal, QC. Canada

Tel: 514-574-3424​

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