savoury & delicious 

Just the perfect amount of richness, this mushroom pasta is so incredibly flavourful and delicious, its hard to beleive it only takes 15 minutes to make!

Not yur average hummus here! Fresh & flavourful, this high protein spread will keep you energized long after you finished it up!

This is the easiest tomomato sauce on the planet but probably the tastiest too! The secret is quality ingredients and time... let it simmer until you have saucy perfection!

When the kiddo believes it’s a meatball... you know that’s a very sneaky meatless meatball! Serve them with a bowl of spaghetti or dip them in a marinara sauce for a fun snack... either way they are sure to disappear really fast!!

Rich & creamy, its hard to believe this soup is vegan!! Celery root & coconut are the secret ingredients and do make all the difference. Blended together with fresh lime & basil, this Thai ispired soup is incredibly customizable and oh-so comforting :)

I la-la-love cauliflower... especially in this tangy slaw also made with apples, radishes, pomegranate & pumpkin seeds. Its fresh, crisp and just the right amount of zing!

Just the right amount of tang, freshly grated zests and marmalade coat the salmon beautifully and create some delicious caramelized bits!

If you've never tried whipped feta, you're in for a treat! Simple, versitile and really delicious, pairing it with roasted beets makes for an elegant holiday appetizer!

Unlike traditional recipes, this one skips the bechamel and lets pumkin puree, caramelized onions, mascarpone and a blender do all the work for you!

I’m sharing my recipe and secret for a truly flavourful & moist roast turkey!

The perfect combination of sweet & savoury and oh-so velvety smooth, it’s hard to believe this is a dairy-free recipe!

The possibilities are endless on how you can incorporate this chocolaty hazelnut deliciousness, which is going to be the hardest part of having it on hand... unless you just decide to eat it straight out of the jar of course!

As fresh as fresh can get, this three citrus fennel combo is supremely sublime!

Veggie Lasagna oh la la

This all veggie lasagna switches out pasta for zucchini & eggplant but delivers on taste!

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