How does

it work?

First, send me a short message letting me know how you heard of me, what cooking level you think you're at and what your kitchen goals are. I'll send you a short questionnaire for your to fill out and send back, which will help me determine how many sessions we'll need to get you feeling confident in the kitchen and eating happier than you've ever done!


The best place to learn is in your own kitchen, working with your tools and appliances, so I either come to you or we facetime each from our own kitchens! A typical session can last anywhere between 90 min to 3 hrs depending on what we decided for the lesson. The best part is that I work around your schedule which means i'm there when you need me to be. Worried you won't be able to maintain what you learned between session? Coach Priscila has your back... an added perk of being coached by me is that you get access to real time support when you need via text or phone between sessions, which means you're never alone in the kitchen :)